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The World is Moving Towards Advanced Construction


The advanced construction system is no longer new, but it certainly experiences a very significant boom over the past decade and is becoming increasingly central to the construction industry throughout the Western world in general and in Israel in particular.


Canada, the U.S. and Australia are the world’s leading countries in the field of advanced construction, but in recent years Western Europe and Israel have been increasingly joining the trend of reducing the scope of construction in the traditional method, and continually and increasingly using advanced and prefabricated construction.


The advanced construction method has many advantages that made it so popular, but more than any specific advantage, it is important to understand that this is a profound conceptual change. The conservative concept is replaced by a new, fresh, client-customized one.


Construction with blocks is disappearing, and prefabricated construction with durable, high-quality steel skeleton frames is replacing it gradually and decisively.


Advanced Construction of Private Homes


Apartment prices and housing shortages are leading consumers to constantly search for creative solutions. The advanced construction industry perfectly meets this criterion.


One of the important advantages of advanced construction is cost savings. The price of a private house featuring advanced construction is lower than the price of a private house built by traditional construction. Beyond saving costs during construction, it is also a long-term saving, as advanced construction allows you to save thousands of shekels annually on heating and cooling costs.


Another important advantage of advanced construction when building a private house is the pace of construction. A great amount of time is saved when using advanced construction. The construction of a private house can be completed in a period of four to five months, compared to about a year and a half in the traditional construction process.


The advanced construction process boasts another advantage that customers are very fond of, namely Key Contractor. Advanced construction contractors offer the Key Contractor Method, providing the customer with close guidance through all the stages – planning, construction etc. – until the moment the keys are in your hand and you move into the house. This way, at any given moment, our customers have a direct line to explanations, assistance and various instructions, making easier a process that is considered very complex.


Therefore, one can see that the world of construction is taking huge steps towards advanced construction. One can assume that this trend will grow stronger in the coming years, in public and commercial construction as well as in the construction of private houses.