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Private House Owners Recommend

Thank you very much, Arussi, for the close accompaniment during the construction of our residence in Kibbutz Revadim, from planning the house to its completion. Ultimately a perfect process for a perfect home. – Ofir Dori, Kibbutz Revadim

We purchased from Arussi a 100m₂ house in 2010. We received an amazing home, and a warm patient friendly treatment from Elad Arussi and all the company staff. We’ve lived in the house for seven years now and it is like brand new. No malfunctions, excellent insulation, and no comparison to conventional construction. Fun home and fun people at the company. Thank you!  – Yuval Roden, Beit Yehoshua

I built a house with Arussi seven years ago. Professionalism, sensitivity and availability distinguished the construction process from start to finish. I received a solution to every question and setback I had during the construction process. Never encountered a problem, even years after the house was completed.

The house is located near Jerusalem where weather conditions are severe, and there have never been any moisture problems or any other damage. Every question and request I’ve had since I built the house were always responded to with courtesy and professionalism. I highly recommend the company to those who are interested in a reliable, compassionate and professional process when building their home. – Idit Ben Shoshan, Moshav Mata

We chose to build our home with Arussi after encounters with a number of other companies in the field. Already at the first stage, we were impressed by the professionalism and warm attitude that we received. Along the way, the representatives who accompanied us (Elad and Nati) showed great patience and indulged all our requests and demands. The work progressed in accordance with the schedule they undertook and in a very professional manner. We have been living in the house for more than 7 years now, and are very satisfied!

Highly recommended – Gilad & Noa Spiser, Kfar Sirkin

An excellent house – excellent service. Following a lengthy market survey, we came to Arussi. We’ve been treated warmly and kindly all along. Even as someone who has read a lot about industrialized construction, it was still amazing to see how quickly the plans were realized into a complete and perfect structure at the site. Even after the end of construction, they were attentive and helpful in every matter and question. Recommended with all my heart – Itai Glirant, Kochav Yair

We approached Arussi 6 years ago, and I can say that already at the first meeting we felt at home… Their attitude was kindly and warm and did not detract for a moment from their professionalism. In their method, we didn’t have a chance to be disoriented or doubtful, as we trusted them to take care of everything, which they did. I can testify that even after construction was completed we kept in contact with them and received an immediate response to any request. Highly recommend – Michal Sheffi, Givat HaShlosha

We live in Moshav Amirim. In order to save the prolonged strife of conventional construction we decided to go for prefabricated construction. The market is brimming with countless prefab contractors who offer a variety of prices, and we have often heard of difficulties and mishaps to the extent of contractors disappearing with the money mid-construction. It was important for us to work with a stable, reliable company that has experience and recommendations.

Thankfully, we found Arussi. A high quality family-oriented company. We saw several houses they built, talked with a number of satisfied house owners and decided to contact the company. Throughout the construction, we received close professional punctual guidance and proper advice. The house has been standing now for four years. Professionalism, experience, peace of mind and attentiveness are the ingredients of success and thankfully, we have found them all at Arussi. Highly recommended – Roy Davidson, Amirim

Arussi demonstrated professionalism and knowledge in all areas related to building our dream house. Beyond the construction process, which they carried out while adhering to schedule with thoroughness and rigor, they advised us faithfully in regards to internal planning, design and selection of peripheral elements. All along, we felt that we had put our money in the right, most appropriate and professional hands. Moran and Oded Shor, Naveh Yerek

We built our home with Arussi, and it was definitely a positive experience in terms of cooperation, professionalism and courtesy. We got what we wanted with a smile as a bonus. Any question or request that we had after completion of construction, were answered with full understanding and indulgence – Natalie Frankel

About 10 years ago, I contacted Arussi with the intention to build a house in Ein HaYam neighborhood in Hadera. The process was very professional, and construction quality is very high. We are very satisfied with our choice to build with Arussi; the service after completion was especially courteous and we always get a response.

Highly recommended – Shahar Vitonski, Ein HaYam, Hadera