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Smart Construction

The entire construction process under one roof
Final prices predetermined
10-Years Contractor Warranty

The Entire Construction Process Under One Roof

Architecture Permits Building Management Supervision

The three principles of Arussi’s Smart construction:

1. The entire construction process under one roof

2. Final price is predetermined

3. 10-Years Contractor Warranty

“A simpler and mostly more lucrative construction process…” We provide full service including architecture, building permits, engineering services, construction and management and supervision – all under one roof. In this way, you can build your home in a smarter and more efficient manner. An extensive team of architects, engineers, and highly professional foremen translate your dream into reality and manage the whole process for you, without requiring you to “chase” different professionals or engage in the coordination of work between the various parties.

10 Years Contractor Warranty!

Economic Leisure Peace Security

We are proud of the excellent reputation the company gained over the decades, constructing hundreds of projects. We are confident in our experience and knowledge and our ability to build high quality dwellings. We give each customer a 10-years contractor warranty against the quality of the construction.

Final price is predetermined

Insulated precise Resistant Green

Unlike in regular construction, with us you know the final cost of the house before you start building it, at the end of the architectural stage! The price in the contract includes all the works required to build the house, and it is a final price. There are no unexpected financial expenses during construction.

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