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Advanced Construction

Advanced Construction

Advanced construction and prefabricated construction are similar terms that refer to construction methods that are not based merely on concrete skeleton frames and bricks, as is customary in prevalent construction in Israel.

Advanced construction is based on a skeleton frame combining concrete and steel, which enjoys the advantages of both worlds – advanced and traditional construction methods.

This structure contains the skeleton frame, on which other things can be mounted, such as exterior walls, floors and so on.

Of course, such construction adheres to sustainability values, preventing the immediate environmental damage [noise, dirt, dust and further disturbances to future neighbors] and allowing the construction of houses with better thermal insulation, which facilitates future energy savings on heating and reduces pollution.

All of these have made advanced construction not only better, but also greener.

Therefore, advanced construction (or prefabricated construction) is the leading and preferred method of construction in the Western world today, for both private houses and public buildings.


Arussi Constructions’ Advanced Construction – All the Advantages

The houses we build for you enjoy all the benefits of modern construction methods: on the one hand, the building is firm and massive, as the exterior walls are Ytong Tech, Ytong being the preferable company for Israeli climate and homeowners.

On the other hand, advanced construction provides you with a residence that is significantly better insulated thermally than any other house, a precise structure that not only makes it easier for other professionals to provide you with high-quality peripheral products [various carpentry items, electronics and communications, plumbing and more] but also a shorter construction period. All this, plus an additional essential and considerable advantage – the final price is pre-known and pre-determined.

In fact, the houses we build for you are assembled on foundations and reinforced concrete with tie beams. The floors, too, and of course the mamad (security room) are made of reinforced concrete.

In contrast, the exterior walls are multilayered with rock wool mattresses and a TYVEK sheeting that allow for improved thermal insulation.

The hard outer layer is made of Ytong Tech plates, and on the inside surface are two fireproof plasterboards.

Thus is constructed a wall that is 20-22 cm wide, which is both outwardly firm and allows us significantly better thermal and acoustic insulation in comparison with ‘normal’ concrete and block construction.

The roof is a roof of your choice. Some prefer a classic tiled roof, others a designer concrete roof, but you can choose any other roof available in the construction industry.

Even indoors, quality and progress are evident in the rooms.

The interior partitions are made of a steel skeleton frame encased by two plasterboards on each side [a total of 4 fireproof plasterboards], with thermal insulation of rock wool, to create the quality of life and welfare of the occupants of the house, who enjoy optimal acoustic insulation of the rooms, and robust walls on which one can hang almost anything one desires.

After the initial and thorough construction phase, one can choose all the factors that make the building a real home according to one’s taste, from the windows and aluminum facilities, through to electricity, plumbing, sanitary utensils, kitchen worktop and carpentry, as is customary in any private construction project.


Personal advice and guidance for each client

Another unique service our company offers you is architectural consultation and guidance.

The architects in our private construction division have accumulated many years of experience, and specialize in building villas, residences and vacation rentals all over the country, using the advanced construction method,.

You and the architects you have chosen to realize your dream can contact us to discuss the benefits of our construction method, as well as the variety of options available to you. In addition, if you wish, our company offers full architectural service, efficient and pleasant.

Even before you make a decision, you are welcome to review the selection of designs we already have, to get an idea of the size of house that is right for you, and to get closer to the dream.

The range of designed models that exist in our blueprints repository – these models can be modified in any way you can think of, to be adapted to your liking and needs.


Advanced Construction – Architectural Construction Specifications

The client in cooperation with the architect determines the architectural specifications.

However, if you do not yet have architectural specifications, and you still want to get a budget estimate for the project, you can get one – based on Arussi’s basic but rich specifications.