Arussi Constructions - Advanced Construction Methods for Private Houses - High-Quality Fast Prefabricated Construction

How the Process Works?

Step 1 – Welcome to the First Meeting

At this meeting you will hear a detailed explanation of our advanced construction method (also called prefabricated construction), and learn about the various possibilities available to you.

In addition, we will prepare with you a budget estimate of the total cost of building the house, so that you can make an informed decision.

In addition, you will be able to get an impression of our office staff who run the housebuilding project, and of one of our company’s two logistics complexes.

Later on, we will be happy to arrange a visit to houses we built for customers, so you can get an impression of the quality of the construction and hear from the people who live in it about their experience during the construction process.

Step 2 – Architectural Design and Characteristics of the Technical Specifications

Some clients bring their own architect, and some choose ours. The choice is yours.

  • Option A: Architectural Design with Your Own Architect

If you already have an architect designing the house, and you have a set of architectural plans and technical specifications, our professionals will study the plans and prepare a detailed quotation for you.

  • Option B: Architectural Design with Our Architects

As part of the overall package, we offer architecture services; our excellent professionals are at your disposal in all matters concerning architectural design and characteristics of the technical specifications.

Choosing Arussi’s architects and engineers has an important economic advantage – the cost of architectural and engineering planning is included in the price of the house.

At the end of the architectural planning and technical specifications stage, we prepare for you a detailed quotation for the construction of the house.

Step 3 – Obtaining a Building Permit

At this stage, our architect or yours submit the plans to the local authority in the purpose of obtaining a building permit.

The length of time it takes to get a permit varies from one authority to the other and is approximately 8 months in average.

Step 4 – Building the House According to Plans and Specifications

The contract for building the house was signed. Immediately after a building permit is obtained, it is possible to begin with the construction.

We take care of all aspects of the construction process for you, and very professionally turn the architectural designs into your new home.

Employing the advanced construction method, it takes 7 months in average to get the keys.

Step 5 – Handing Over the Key to Your Satisfaction

Congrats! After completing all the necessary work, we hand over the key to you, as well as a construction portfolio bag with all the necessary inspections and permits needed to issue Form 4.

Keeping In Touch

We are at your service in all matters, not only during the first years, but also long after.

We believe that the customers are the most important asset the company has.

We give our customers 10 years warranty on the structure.

You are welcome to enjoy exceptional customer service.