Arussi Constructions - Advanced Construction Methods for Private Houses - High-Quality Fast Prefabricated Construction

The Company’s Vision

Arussi Constructions is a team focused on realizing its clientele’s design dreams, both in the field of residences and in the construction of public buildings.

We aspire to provide our customers with a high quality, safe, energy-efficient living environment while ensuring sustainability and environmental values.

We are proud to be at the vanguard in the field of advanced construction in Israel, and of maintaining uncompromising standards.

We shall continue to be a source of pride for both our clientele and the company’s loyal staff.

We pledge to continue to maintain:

– Company-client relations based on fairness, reliability and a shared commitment to success.

– Values of humility and professionality gained in 50 years of engineering activity.

– The best professional service, with complete transparency and an atmosphere that provides peace of mind to the customer.

– Special emphasis on details be they big or small.

– Using innovative construction methods that are on the cutting edge of the construction industry.

– Values of sustainability and environment by using the principles of green construction.