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Green Construction

Green Construction

Green construction is a systemic approach to the design and construction of buildings, which aims to reduce harm to the environment, and to create a healthier and more comfortable living environment.

We at Arussi believe that creating a better living environment for our children is our responsibility.

We do this through planning that takes into account the needs of nature and the natural environment we live in.

That was why we chose to specialize in advanced construction.


Cleaner Construction

One of the troubling problems in our industry is the polluting building waste accumulating during the construction process.

Arussi’s prefabricated construction is almost entirely free of this problematic phenomenon.

Therefore, most parts of the building – with the exception of the foundations and the security room – arrive at the area when already made, and mounting them does not produce pollution from building waste.


Energy Saving

Using superior-quality insulation materials and advanced technologies allows for considerable savings in the use of air conditioners, or other climate control devices. In addition, the construction process itself consumes less energy than a building built using conventional construction.


Relatively Short Execution Time, And a Quieter Construction Site

We specialize in construction based on steel constructions, with most parts of the building manufactured in advance in our factory.

This is undoubtedly a significantly faster construction method than the conventional one.

Your new neighbors will suffer less, too, as this method allows for a quieter construction site.

In this, too, we contribute to the environmental values.


Proper Architectural Thinking

One of the most important criterion in green construction is the way the structure is positioned, taking into account wind directions, the movement of the sun and optimal use of natural sunlight.

Proper planning of the building improves your quality of life and saves electricity consumption.