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Key Contractor

Key Contractor is a term that refers to the service provided by a construction company or contractor, who perform all the necessary actions and works in the construction of a private house, up to the moment the house key is handed over to the customer.

Arussi Constructions provides this service.

What does a Key Contractor Service Include?

1. A Key Contractor is responsible for assembling all the architectural and engineering construction plans of the project

2. Coordinating the various professionals participating in it

3. The contractor is responsible for the various preparatory work before the works begin:

     • Preparing the plot for the construction process

     • Measurement and marking

     • Fencing and site signage

     • Installing temporary portable toilets if necessary

     • Temporary power connection to carry out the works

     • Coordinating the works with the neighbors if necessary

4. A Key Contractor carries out all the construction works from the foundations to the completion of all necessary construction works

5. Management and supervision of subcontractors according to need

6. Management of the construction process by a qualified foreman

7. The contractor works in coordination with the architect and discusses problems and solutions if necessary. This in order to ensure that the construction is carried out according to the original design

8. Completion of construction and handing over the keys to the owners

9. The Key Contractor assembles and provides the customer with all the necessary permits and documents that are under their responsibility, for the purpose of obtaining Form 5 and Form 4.