Story of Us

Arussi Construction deals with providing construction solutions using innovative and progressive methods.

Arussi Construction has been operating in Israel since 1975 in the field of industrialized and advanced construction, fabricating portable and fixed buildings, and developing advanced construction methods. We offer a comprehensive solution to our clients, from the building characterization and design stage, to the construction process itself, and up to the delivery of the project to the client’s satisfaction.

Over the years, Arussi Construction has become synonymous with quality construction, thanks to the thousands of successful projects it had executed in its 40 years of activity. We have a new advanced plant where we produce mobile constructions and industrialized elements for construction. In addition, the company owns a metal processing plant, which provides products and services for the entire construction market in Israel.

Arussi Construction leads the industrialized construction field in Israel, thanks to its vast experience, accumulated over the years, in the design and execution of projects nationwide, its quality construction and top finish level, and its unique construction abilities combining concrete, steel, and quality finish materials.

We specialize in building for the defense industries. Over the years we have gained a great deal of experience in executing projects for the defense industries in Israel and the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office, in places where an especially high level of clearance is required.

Arussi’s advantages compared with its competition in the field of construction is expressed by its extensive client base.

Industrialized Construction and its Advantages

What is Green Construction?