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Advanced Construction by Arussi Constructions

Building a private house featuring prefabricated and advanced construction with Arussi –

now the dream of building a private house is closer than ever!


It is well known that in recent years, prefabricated and advanced construction has gradually

become a principal method in the construction industry.

These days, prefabricated construction has many advantages over conventional construction,

and is therefore chosen as a leading method in many projects.

One of its advantages is that manufacturing the skeleton frame of the building in the factory also

affects the costs because it is done with less manpower, and affords much less room for construction

errors that can cause various delays and unexpected  expenses.


In recent years, the use of prefabricated construction has also become more common in the

construction of private houses. The prefabricated construction method enables to execute the

construction of a private house within a period of several months, which makes it a preferable

alternative for the process of traditional construction.


A number of central advantages of the advanced construction method make possible to

build high-quality private houses.


The quality of thermal and acoustic insulation is much higher than in the traditional

construction method; the durability of the building is higher because it is made of steel;

the flexibility of the method allows for many personal customizations, changes and

expansions of construction, and the high level of finishing made possible by working

with light materials, is an aesthetically significant advantage for private houses.


In addition, it is important to remember that advanced construction is green construction,

preserving the environment and enabling great savings in resources both in the construction

process and when inhabiting the building.


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