Private Houses

Industrialized construction is the leading method in residential homes construction in the Western World. The method is based on prefabricated elements, produced in a controlled manner at the plant.

Fast Quality Construction

Arussi Construction’ residential homes have a steel skeleton, reinforced concrete floors, multi-layered exterior walls with an external crust made of an Ytong board and a wide variety of options to choose from, for interior and exterior finishes. An Arussi Construction made house enjoys excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, which provide its owners with a sense of homey warmth in any weather. This insulation level guarantees significant savings on energy costs. The steel skeleton combined with concrete elements insures high earthquake resistance. The advantages of Arussi Construction’ building method.

Personal Consultation and Attention for Each and Every Client

Our architectural design department is at your service. Our private construction department specializes in building luxury homes, residential homes and holiday units of every size – both permanent and portable (mobile) buildings. You can order a house according to the client’s design or choose a design from our file of designer houses or the range of predesigned models already found in our design base – to which you may apply changes as you wish.

Architectural Construction Specification

Every possible specification can be defined. The architectural specification is determined by the client or an architect on his behalf. Should you not have an architectural specification, and you wish to get a price offer, we suggest you start with our “standard” specification – which is the basic specification for Arussi Construction in residential homes construction.

‘Standard’ Building Specification for Residential Homes