Industrialized Construction

What is Industrialized Construction?

‘Industrialized Construction’ is the general name for a variety of advanced construction methods, based on the use of prefabricated elements, produced in a plant in a controlled manner. This is distinguished from the more traditional construction methods of ‘wet construction’ using “brick on brick “.

The main idea, on which the method is based, is that fabricating elements and assembling them at the plant, is more economic, and enables good quality control. Currently, most construction carried out in the Western World is executed utilizing prefabricated elements using the Industrialized Method.

The Advantages of the Arussi Construction’s Building Methods

  • Significant savings on construction costs
  • Very short execution time
  • Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation levels
  • Excellent quality control during construction
  • Maximum flexibility of design
  • Greener construction (see Green Construction Advantages)
  • Top finish level and technical specification available to clients
  • Changes easily applied to the construction
  • Post-delivery warranty by Arussi Construction

Industrialized Construction by Arussi Construction

Arussi Construction, the progressive construction pioneer in Israel, owns a state of the art advanced plant which manufactures and assembles buildings using the industrialized method. Arussi Construction’s building method is based on:

  • Concrete floors are cast into steel beams
  • Steel construction in walls and roofs
  • Multi-layered insulated walls with various cross-sections according to building designation.
  • Light insulated roofs or tiled roofs
  • External finish – color skim coating, stone and aluminum coating, wood coating or any other finish as chosen by the client
  • Inner finish according to client requirements.

The method of construction and the different types of walls

Multilayer Itung-tech wall

Multilayer wall with fire standard TA 931, with high thermal and acoustic insulation capacity, the wall is manufactured by Itong by order.

Wall 2000 - DENSGLASS Multilayer Integrated Wall

Insulated multi-layer wall with fire standard TA 931, with a high thermal insulation level, is excellent for use in almost all types of buildings.

Multilayer wall integrated panel insulated rock wool standard fire

Insulated multi-layer wall with fire standard 931, with exterior and interior galvanized panel painted in a broken white shade filled with rock wool (optional gypsum finishing), excellent for use in electrical, communications, and special infrastructure and structures.

More details

Greener Construction

Arussi’s construction method uses environmentally friendly materials. The construction process itself is clean and creates very little waste.

Arussi’s method allows for the integration of green systems in the house, while maintaining the design style, and a high quality finish. Its superior insulation level guarantees significant savings on energy costs. The method’s steel skeleton ensures earthquake resistance.

All the materials we use comply with standards. For further reading regarding green construction, click here.