Green Constrution

Green construction is a systematic approach to the design and construction of buildings, aimed at decreasing the impact on the environment and creating a healthier and more comfortable living environment. At Arussi Construction, we believe it is our responsibility to make sure we create a better environment for ourselves and our children using smarter designs, which take into consideration nature’s needs and the characteristics of the environment, in which we live. Arussi Construction’s building method is a greener construction method, as manifested in every aspect of the construction process.


Cleaner Construction

Arussi’s construction method is nearly completely clean of any construction waste. Most of the building parts, excluding foundations and RSS arrive prefabricated to the work site and their attachment does not create any construction waste.


Energy Efficient

Using top quality insulation materials and advanced technologies, you can save a lot on air-conditioning use. In addition, the construction process itself necessitates much less energy than the construction of a conventionally built building.


The Shortest Execution Time and Quieter Construction

When building based on a steel construction, and most building parts are delivered prefabricated from the plant, construction is significantly faster than conventional construction. In addition, this method allows for a significant reduction in construction site noise compared with regular construction, thus helping reduce noise pollution.


Thinking Green when Designing

Perhaps the most important parameter in green construction refers to positioning the building, while taking into account wind directions, sun movement directions and the use of natural light. A good building design can improve the quality of life in a building and electricity consumption. 


Reducing Toxic Gas Emissions

By using a steel skeleton instead of concrete casting, we significantly reduce toxic gas emissions into the building space and its immediate surroundings.