Public Buildings

Arussi Construction has been dealing with the design and construction of fixed and portable public buildings for the public and business sectors in Israel for nearly 40 years. Each year, the company produces dozens of classrooms, kindergartens, daycare facilities and schools for organizations nationwide. The advantage of Arussi’s construction method is a very short execution time for the project, budget compliance, and top construction quality. The buildings comply will all required standards, including SI 931, SI 921, SI 755. All buildings are built using top insulation and finishing levels and include: the design of electric, communication, air-conditioning, and piping systems, and special fittings, according to the client’s requirements. The service includes the supply and installation of special fixtures, such as: sound and video systems, smoke detectors, alarms systems, etc.

Our specialty public buildings are:

• Schools and classrooms
• Kindergartens and daycare facilities
• Synagogues and Yeshivas
• Laboratories and medical rooms
• Dressing rooms and toilets
• Shops and sale stations

Our file of predesigned models of public structures is at your disposal. You may choose any plan, amend it as necessary, and quickly move from the design stage to the execution stage.

Click on the pictures to see more photos of each one of the projects

  • Faculty of Medicine in Safed
  • Revivim School
  • Kibbutzim College Administration
  • Petah Tikva Kindergarten
  • Tel Aviv Fitness Club
  • Israel Railways Directorate Office
  • Zefat Academic College
  • Midreshet Ben-Gurion
  • Hakfar Hayarok Activity Hall
  • Petah Tikva Daycare
  • Yad Binyamin Community Center
  • Ramat Gan Kindergarten
  • Gvulot Factory Site
  • Hakfar Hayarok Offices
  • Assaf Harofeh
  • Security Booth
  • Vaniglia Beersheba